Storage Containers

Container World Offshore standard dry van/dry freight shipping containers are used to carry and store the majority of  international and domestic general purpose cargo. Fitted with 32mm marine ply board flooring,  4  lock rods and corner casts. All Container World Offshore Containers have been designed and manufactured in accordance with DNV2.7-1 / BS EN 12079.

Our units are supplied with certified slings and shackles as standard. Offshore Dry Goods Containers are supplied with door cargo nets and door tie back retainers. All units are stackable where deck space or yard space is at a premium.

All shipping containers can easily be transferred from one mode of transport to another. Transport types include sea, rail and truck.

10′ Dry Van

Container World Offshore 10′ Dry Van/Dry Freight containers are typically used for the transit and storage of small general purpose loads. 10′ offshore dry van/dry freight containers are well suited for the transport of consumables and non-perishable food due to their large cubic capacity and small footprint.


L – 2991mm x W – 2438mm x H 2591mm
Tare – 2150kg
Payload – 7850kg
MGW – 10000kg


20′ Dry Van

Container World Offshore 20′ Dry Van/Dry Freight containers are used to carry or store heavier cargo which would reach the payload limit prior to reaching the cubic capacity limitation of the container.



20ft Dry Van – Galvanized 20ft Dry Van – Steel
L – 6058mm x W 2438mm x H 2591mm L – 6058mm x W 2438mm x H 2591mm
Tare – 4750kg Tare – 3800kg
Payload – 15250kg Payload – 10000kg
MGW – 20000kg MGW – 13800kg


20′ High Cube

The 20′ High Cube Offshore DNV container has 30cm more headroom, and are manufactured with specific specifications so that they can be transported and used safely on rig platforms.


L – 6058mm x W 2438mm x H 2896mm
Tare – 4110kg
Payload – 9250kg
MGW – 13360kg

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