All you need to know about reefer containers

Reefer containers


Container World Offshore offers an incredible range of container conversion solutions. We have an extensive product range of versatile off-shore containers, baskets, skips, reefers and accommodation modules.

In this article, we will be identifying the core components related to reefer containers and the specific applications that it can be utilised for. A reefer container is essentially a form for a refrigerated container that is used to transport temperature controlled cargoes such as fruits, meat, fish and other non-food products such as pharmaceutical products.

The product specification available is constructed of aluminium and treated to resist corrosion by the salt spray atmosphere. Other specifications would include rear bulkhead panels that are constructed with a high inherent corrosion resistance. Another core component of reefer containers is the section between the evaporator and condenser section where the unit is fire resistant.

Reefer containers are bottom air delivery units that are designed to distribute chilled air from the floor via a specific T-shaped decking. The benefits in this design are to ensure adequate flow of air exchange and temperature control processes in varying temperature fluctuations.

There is a minimal tolerance allowed in temperature variance and the cargo could possibly be rejected at a specific destination if that time frame has been breached, due to the possibility of the cargo retaining pathogens.


Best practices for general tips of reefer containers would be noted as below:

  • Ventilation settings are checked and set at the correct level
  • Dehumidification controls should be checked
  • Cargo should not be stuffed beyond the end of the red load line
  • Cargo should be stable on the floor and tightly wedged so it does not shift during passage or transportation.

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Storage Containers

Container World Offshore standard shipping containers are used to carry international and domestic general purpose cargo. .




Offshore DNV reefers offer the perfect solution for the transportation of perishable goods.



Half heights

Half Height offshore containers are versatile and offer easy offloading for light or heavy, small or large cargo.



Cargo baskets

Container World Offshore offers a wide range of cargo baskets with certified slings and shackles.




Gas racks

Container World Offshore 12-gas bottle racks are able to transport 2, 6 or 12 bottles.



Mini offshore containers

Container World Offshore Mini containers include a full length, removable shelf, which makes them well suited for the transit of smaller cargo requirements.



Open Tops

Open-top containers are ideal for the transportation of equipment that requires loading by crane. Suitable for offshore lifting and transporting of cargo, tools and equipment.




Boat-shape offshore skips are suitable for the lifting and transportation of non-hazardous waste to and from offshore platforms. 




Tool box

Offshore tool boxes are designed and manufactured for the transport and storage of offshore tools and equipment.



Deck office

Each offshore deck office is unique, and is therefore manufactured to the highest standards and designed to meet the specific requirements of our client.




Each offshore workshop is unique, and is therefore manufactured to the highest standards and designed to meet the specific requirements of our client.



Portable Tanks

We supply tanks suitable for the transportation and storage of hazardous liquids, waste liquid, fuels, and chemicals from the drilling process, as well as tanks suitable for the transportation of liquid nitrogen.



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